Proteins in urine: symptoms, causes and treatment

Not always the presence of protein in the urine means that there is a health problem, strictly speaking. Sometimes this depends on passing circumstances. But if this condition persists, it means that there is a difficulty in the functioning of the kidneys. Protein in the urine is sometimes a sign that the kidneys are not...

Breathing through the mouth: causes and consequences

Breathing through the mouth is an abnormal way of doing it. It is a very common disorder in the general population with serious long-term results. Let's see why it originates and what its consequences are. Breathing through your mouth is not the normal way to do it. Human beings have the nose as a specialized organ to inhale...

What are the causes of cramps and what to do to treat them?

Good hydration can both prevent and help relieve annoying cramps. Keep reading to know more. A cramp occurs when a muscle contracts involuntarily, unable to relax instantly and causing pain. Next, we tell you the main causes as well as the remedies for cramps. They usually occur in the back of the leg, although they can also occur in other...

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